The Little Red Book

The Little Red Book

By Ann Marie Rios

Spicing up your sex life is not a walk in the park for everyone, especially if you are one of the shy types who want to keep your deeds with your partner private.

Worry no more as renowned sex guru Ann Marie Rios brings to your own bedroom a book that will open a whole new world of fun, excitement and pleasure in…

The Little Red Book.

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The Author

Ann Marie Rios is a respected sex expert who has contributed to K-Sex Radio, Spice TV, Playboy TV, Playboy Radio, and Sirius XM. A popular panelist at conventions, she also runs her own sexuality blog. She is a media advisor who has written numerous sex-advice columns for various online magazines, including “Between the Sheets with Ann Marie” on Latina.com, which is also a nationally distributed magazine in the United States.

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